1 John 1:7

8 Ways The Blood Of Jesus is Effective

A few understand how Christ’s blood relates to the message of salvation, peace and purpose in life. It is one of the greatest of human tragedies that so many lack knowledge and understanding concerning the importance of His blood.

Easter’s message of the resurrection is preceded by the crucifixion, which was bathed in blood. It’s easy to miss the fullness and power of Easter and focus only on the beauty of celebrating the resurrection.

The cup of the Communion table is also a reminder of blood. (Matt. 26:28)

Many have partaken of the Communion elements without understanding what the bread and the cup really represent.

An examination of the Scriptures reveals a number of things about Jesus’ blood:

  1. His blood is necessary for reconciliation with God. (Eph. 2:13).
  2. Jesus’ blood compensates for all the wrong a person has ever done. (Eph. 1:7).
  3. Jesus’ blood keeps a person free from sin. (1 John 1:7).
  4. Jesus' blood is for sanctification. (Heb. 13:12)
  5. Christ’s blood provides for bold access into God’s presence. (Heb. 10:19).
  6. Jesus’ blood brings justification to the guilty. (Rom. 3:24). One of the common tactics of the enemy of man’s soul involves accusation. (Rev. 12:10).
  7. Jesus’ blood takes care of a defiled conscience. (Heb. 9:14). We are already justified by His blood: (Acts 13:38-39).
  8. Jesus’ blood brings peace to troubled hearts. (Col. 1:20).