Romans 13:7 – 8 , 1 Samuel 2:30

Steps To Honour

by Senior Reverend Tonderai Mupamhanga

  • For us to walk in honour, we need to make deliberate decisions to walk in honour
  • Unless we choose to walk in honour, without noticing it, we walk in dishonor and in the flesh
  • To honour is not easy, one has to make a decision to walk in it

Steps To A Life Of Honour

  • Develop a deep understanding of rank and structures especially in life.
    • Genesis 1:6; Genesis 37:9-11
  • Have a clear understanding of your own rank and limitations and expectations.
    • Numbers 16:3, 8 - 10
  • Have a clear understanding of the levels of Honour due to yourself and everyone else or every other thing and be prepared to render it.
    • Revelations 22:8-9; Matthew 2:11; Matthew 14:33
  • Make a conscious choice to walk in Honour towards those who you can Honour
    • Genesis 18;1-7; Malachi 1:8
  • When giving Honour, one must ensure it is truly acceptable to the level being given.
  • Recognize that as we Honour, Honour will cost us something
  • Accept that people change ranks and the Honour due also changes.
  • Recognize that how another person Honour may not be how you should Honour.
  • Realize that without love, loyalty and respect for a person, it is impossible to Honour them

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