Sometimes it takes a desert

Sometimes it takes a desert

The Israelites were delivered from Egypt but it took them many years to reach the Promised Land. In their journey they crossed a red sea, defeated nighty armies, got food delivered from heaven and moved in the wilderness.

Yet, in all those travails they bickered, complained and cursed God. They failed to focus on the positives that they had achieved with God, but looked at the negatives which they had being protected from.

In all the problems they faced, they chose to look at the vast expanse of the challenge and not focus on them as an opportunity to know God and His ways a little bit more. God isolated this amazing group of people so that He may show them who He is. Yet, in this wilderness they found reason to focus on something else.

The same is true for all of us. God knows you go through a noisy and busy work schedule daily such that we forget to have time with Him. Or in our words, ‘we don’t have enough time as it is.’ So God causes us to go through dry periods in our lives so that they may act as God’s megaphone to us, to remind us to always draw closer to Him and walk faithfully. Unless we hit a bump in our speedy race of life most of us won’t think of God since we think we are superstars and can do everything on our own.

Sometimes it does take a mountain, valley or desert, for God to get our attention. You may be going through tough times now. Or it might come at a later date. Whenever it occurs, take time to reflect whether you are walking well with God. Our cry about our situation might just need you to come back to God and we may be restored. May we be diligent in our walk so that we may grow well in our faith.

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