2 Corinthians 5:21

The shovel toting generation

Have you ever realized how when something is said that corrects our behavior, our minds quickly think of someone else rather than ourselves. It seems we have beaten into our psyches a refusal to accept our imperfections and as such we live in a sense of denial. A story is told of a young man who went to this church regularly.

After every service he will spend time with the Pastor and converse with him. All the time he will always state, 'That was a wonderful fulfilling service father, I am convinced that they heard you today.' The trend continued for months, and every time after the young man had gone to his home the priest will be left with conflicted emotions. Primarily because when the young man was speaking, he never revealed a personal transformation from the messages that the pastor preached. It was always, 'they heard you pastor,' they we convicted pastor,' you told them today pastor.' He never stated a personal transformation to himself.

This convinced the pastor; he needed to preach more powerfully than before. But time and time again the response from the young man was always the same; 'they heard you pastor.' Then one day it rained, and only the young man came to church. When the priest went to the pulpit, he was thinking now God has given me the young man and today the message will touch him. He was surprised after the service when the young man came to him excited and joyful. The pastor thought it had finally happened, only for the young man to dash that hope by stating; ' Pastor, if the people had come today they would have heard you and repented surely.'

Like that young man, we walk through life carrying a shovel that we use on a daily basis. Any message that comes our way we shovel to the next person. You might have noticed that whenever a shovel is at work, it is used to clear dirt from one area and pile it everywhere else. We enjoy identifying others faults and fail to look at those characteristics within us which need to change. Until we take full reflection and evaluation of ourselves, we will never grow in any area. May you be a person of excellence and take every Word that comes your way as an opportunity to better yourself always.